ARTISAN CINERARY URNS Keep the memory of your loved ones WE ARE ITALIAN ARTISANS Cinerary urns Made in Italy QUALITY AND CUSTOMIZATION Custom designs created by skilled craftsmen


All our cinerary urns are always unique pieces because the decorations are always handmade.

Personalized decorations

On request we can create customized decorations agreed with our decorators.

Made in Italy

All our creations are made in Italy, in our headquarters in the province of Salerno, by local artisans.

Functional materials

The urns are made of resistant, recyclable and hygienic materials ennobled with handmade decorations with epoxy paints.

Unique Products

Artistic cremation urns designed and made in Italy by local artisans

High quality urns

Attention to detail

Each cinerary urn is the result of a delicate and meticulous craftsmanship process that gives birth to real unique pieces.

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