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A company, a
family and a passion for craftsmanship

Our company has been dealing with the art of blacksmithing since 1929. A company that has ``resisted`` the various generational transitions and that finds its strength in the family. We take advantage of the wisdom and experience of those who preceded us by combining it with the liveliness and innovative ideas of the new ``generation``.

Artisan productions

The artisan quality and attention to detail that we love to put in each of our products is our best business card. By investing in research and originality, our product is increasingly captivating, but above all capable of satisfying every customer's need, even with customized solutions.

Sustainable productions

Our cinerary urns are made entirely in Italy, in aluminum or wood, resistant, hygienic and recyclable materials ennobled with epoxy paints and finished with decorations designed and made strictly by hand by local artisans.

A meticulous and
careful working process

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